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Addington, founded by top-level executive and serial entrepreneur Ad Nederlof, invests in startups and scaleups that require funding and hands-on experience to accommodate growth.

Addington aims at acquiring minority equity positions in startups and scaleups that require funding and targeted support in order to take the next step in their development.

Addington’s expertise is highly varied, but best serves companies that offer scalable solutions on a recurring revenue model. Eligible companies ideally have a turnover of € 2 million and the potential to achieve continuous annual growth of 25 percent or higher.

Besides funding, Addington provides guidance and advice based on many years of entrepreneurship and experience in international business.

Addington holds standards and values that correspond with a genuine family business. To take full advantage of our expertise, a cultural match is a prerequisite.

Addington actively participates in

‘As a boy I wondered why all cows grazed the same spot.
Since then, I tend to take the path less traveled’

Meet the founder

Ad Nederlof

Internationally acclaimed business executive and entrepreneur
Ad Nederlof is the classic example of “newspaper boy to captain of industry”. With little or no formal schooling to boast, he now holds a career of well over 50 years in the IT-industry – and the end is by no means in sight.

Started off as a sales representative he worked his way up to executive positions until he could grow no further. Curious to put his vision of delivering excellent customer service to the test – and his own money where his mouth was – in 2005, at the age of 57, he started VANAD (‘owned by Ad’).

Spurred by his enthusiasm, VANAD has grown from 20 to 2,000 employees since then. Throughout the years Ad added several rapidly growing companies to the portfolio. One of them, Enovation, he sold in 2018 for over € 100 million. Money he is now putting to work through Addington.

With his vision, drive and insights as an invaluable bonus for entrepreneurs who – just like Ad – like to push further.

Ad Nederlof
Founder of VANAD